4 Simple Methods to Start Drinking Coffee

Enjoying coffee isn’t for everyone. There’s no need to rush this process if you really want to develop an appreciation for coffee. Know that you could create a dependence for coffee that could affect your everyday routine. Good coffee is something to develop a taste for, but not to abuse.

There are 4 methods for those who want to start drinking coffee.

Method 1 : Introducing Coffee’s Taste to Your Tongue

  • Eat coffee ice-cream. Coffee flavored ice-cream is a tasty treat that doesn’t require an appreciation for drinking coffee. Even those with sensitive palates can usually enjoy a scoop of coffee flavored ice cream.
  • Enjoy coffee flavored beer. Similar to the idea of enjoying coffee ice cream, coffee flavored beer works in the same way. Since the craft beer revolution of the past decade, nothing is too wild for beer. A popular ingredient for a late fall porter is coffee. Only try this if you like an array of different beers, and are of legal age
  • Try real coffee cake. Yes, there is an authentic coffee cake that actually has coffee in it. Some pastry chefs have gone over the standard crumble cake and have actually made a cake with coffee in it. The flavor is strong but sweet. Melted butter mixed with flour is a great catalyst for enjoying any type of taste

Method 2 : Trying Different Coffee Drinks

  • Start with cream and sugar. One of the first ways most people drink their coffee is with cream and sugar. The amount of each varies from person to person. Add a packet or tablespoon of sugar and the cream of your choice.
  • Try a latte. Lattes are traditionally an espresso drink with milk. This is a popular drink because of its mellow and sweet flavors. A latte consists of one or two shots of espresso mixed with six to eight ounces of steamed milk
  • Try iced drinks. Some people are simply not fans of hot drinks. If you want to try a normal cup of cold coffee, order an iced coffee or cold press. Add cream and simple syrup to your liking. Almost anything you order at a coffee shop can be put over ice. Many coffee enthusiasts discourage this because it takes away from the flavor. Do what you have to do!
  • Have a frozen drink. Coffee, like all other types of drinks and drink combinations, can be served frozen. There are different types of frozen coffee drinks like Starbucks’ Frappuccino. This will appeal especially to the lovers of coffee flavored ice cream. This style is served sweet, with whipped cream on top, and sometimes a flavour of your choice infused into the beverage.

Method 3 : Making Your Own Cup of Joe

  • Purchase different types of coffees. If you have access to a local coffee roasting company, ask them about popular blends. Be open and honest that you want to start drinking coffee but are new to the experience. Explain what you’ve tried and what you like/dislike and ask for advice.
  • Decide how you’ll brew it. There are plenty of different ways to brew coffee. One of the best ways for you to create a batch is by using a french press or a pour over. These types of coffee makers do not let the coffee sit on top of a burner for a long period of time, so they preserve the flavors and don’t burn the coffee.
  • Compare your coffees. Now that you understand how you like to drink your coffee, prepare multiple cups of different blends of coffee. Allow them to cool before sampling. Have a neutral food like bread around to cleanse your palate between tasting.
  • Drink coffee when you want to. Again, try not to develop a dependence for coffee. View coffee as a specialty drink instead of a necessity for starting your day. Continue developing your taste buds and experiment with different ways to prepare coffee.

Method 4 : Understanding the Health Benefits

  • Decrease your likelihood of premature mortality. The American Heart Association conducted an extensive study among coffee drinkers and non-coffee drinkers. What they found was that those who consumed 1-5 cups of coffee a day were associated with a lower risk of mortality. They even deducted that both caffeinated coffee and decaf were alike in lowering your mortality.
  • Decrease your risk of stroke. Another study by the American Heart Association found that that 1-2 cups of coffee a day decrease your likelihood for having a stroke. The study found that coffee consumption also decreases your risk for other forms of cardiovascular disease.
  • Reduce your risk of getting diabetes. Another study found that caffeine and coffee intake reduces your chances of getting type 2 diabetes. This does not apply to the coffee drinkers who add sugar or drink forms of sweetened coffee.
  • Reduce your risk of depression. This study used a large group women free of any depressive symptoms and tracked their coffee consumption. The results found that the women who drink a cup or less of coffee ran a higher risk of getting depression. Those who drank three to five cups were found to have less of a risk for depression.